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Featured How Much Does Car Insurance Cost per month

With the proliferation of insurance companies that cater to consumers online, choices are unlimited as to choosing car insurance for your vehicle. But of course, before even deciding to choose the car insurance company, you would want to know its cost to check if it is worth it to get that car insurance. There are also available sites that are capable of making comparison which allows you to get the best deal out of these numerous insurance companies. Online sites are the ideal way to do your research fast and conveniently.

How much does car insurance cost per month? This is the common question raised by consumers as they decide the auto insurance company to get. Auto insurance cost actually depends on several factors. As Insurance companies are different from each other, they also apply different methodology to determine the car insurance cost. However, most the factors they use in determining such cost are almost the same.

One generic factor is the type of insurance coverage. It is best to note that the more exposure your insurance policy has the more costly it becomes. This is because as the exposure increases, the risk of getting a claim also increases. When comparing costs, it is also worth checking the inclusive coverage for that particular car insurance. Do not just be blinded by a low insurance rate because sometimes they do not offer the complete package that you need. Then, when you ask to make additional inclusion, cost could gear up that it would even be more expensive compared to another insurance offer.

Another factor that determines how much does car insurance cost per month is the type of vehicle. Is it a new model or an old car? Sometimes, insurance companies can establish what type of driver are you through the type of your car. With insurance companies being on guard to what is risky and not, they need to ensure that a high risk profile should have a higher insurance cost than low risk ones.

Your driving habits could also determine the car insurance cost. The frequency of it being driven and the area where it will be regularly driven would be important to insurance companies to determine your car insurance. This factor would say a lot on how the vehicle will be exposed to danger. Exposure to danger means a higher cost for the auto insurance.

how much does car insurance cost per month

Age is also a factor in determining auto insurance cost. There are available statistics where insurance companies refer to that the large percentage of road accidents usually has a teenager as the driver. This is why insurance cost is higher for this age group. This is important to know as this varies depending on the road accidents being reported and who is involved in it. If accident rate change overtime, then insurance companies will definitely adapt to that change to determine the cost of their insurance policy.

Driving record makes it also to list of factors for car insurance cost. This could also be the most known factors among consumers. This gives the impression of how good and careful you are on the road. This will definitely have a weigh on determining your insurance policy cost.

These are just the most common factors to answer the question how much does car insurance cost per month. Knowing how the an insurance company arrives to that offered cost is indeed a great source of reference in choosing the right insurance company for your vehicle.

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What Determines My Car Insurance?

Having a car is such a useful asset – it can help you get employment you wouldn’t have previously, it also helps you get from A to B in your own time without waiting for public transport. However, having a car can burn a hole in your pocket without you even knowing it. Traditionally, the car itself used to be the most expensive part of the deal, and this put too many people off.

Today, though, it’s the insurance. Especially for young drivers, you can be hit with insurance up to double the worth of your car if you are buying from a market or second-hand. However, the actual process for calculating your insurance is a difficult and lengthy process.

car insurance

Some of the things that are immediately taken into account are;

  • Your age
  • Driving record including length license held
  • Where you live
  • Car you drive

These four factors are the main factors, but so many individual little pieces can come into the equation it can really become quite ridiculous when working with some insurance firms. The probability they create will be that of you getting into an accident, which will give them a base price to hit you with.

The younger you are and the less time that has passed since you got your license, the more you will pay. Young drivers have a bad name due to the “boy racer” and this leaves lots of people with car insurance they cannot afford, and a car they legally cannot drive.

Shopping around is, so important for getting the right car insurance deal for yourself. Premiums vary constantly and this can leave you with a difficult position if you only decide to go with a few firms. Use comparison websites to check out what type of insurance plans you could be offered.

It also depends on the type of cover that you take. If you only take repairs then you aren’t covered for either fire or theft. Either way, can you afford these extras? You do need insurance, but you might be able to get the right type of quote for yourself in terms of no extra bolt-ons and extras you will never need.

Insurance companies love to throw extras in that we simply don’t need to try and justify to you the ridiculous prices that they charge. Make sure you don’t just openly accept what you are provided with – cut down anything from the insurance program you don’t think you’ll need, it could help cut your premiums down massively.

Overall, getting insurance is a necessary evil. It seems like a total waste of time and money but the day you are in a crash, or get your car stolen, you will feel so vindicated for however many years you pay your insurance for! Just make sure that you shop around, getting the best deal will cut down your hatred for the insurance companies!

How Much Does Car Insurance Agent Make?

Have you ever wondered how much does car insurance agent make? If you are a car owner then chances are this question has piqued your curiosity at one time or another. The wages of car insurance agents vary depending on various factors.

Employment Status

Auto insurance agents can be classified according to their employment status and streams of income. There are independent agents who can sell insurance policies from various insurance firms. They usually earn from commissions from each policy they have sold.

Then there are in-house brokers who are employed by a single insurance company and sell the policies directly to car owners. Usually, they have fixed base salary.  But there are also in-house agents who earn commissions on top of their fixed base wage.

But this is not to say that in-house brokers earn more than independent agents when you ask them how much does car insurance agent make.  In fact, insurance agents who work as sellers for multiple companies may earn more than those who work for just one firm. It depends on how well-connected the agent is and how effective he or she is selling car insurance policies of different firms.


 lambo agent

The place where the auto insurance agent works in can also affect his wage or commission. Insurance agents who operate in small towns and rural areas are faced with lower volumes of customers. Their commissions are based on an aging base of repeat clients who also pay less compared to vehicle owners in the big cities.

Likewise, auto insurance in rural towns are way cheaper compared to the urban areas. This explains why a lower amount can be expected when you ask how much does car insurance agent earn in the rural areas.


Like in the corporate world, seniority can affect the earnings of auto insurance agents. Young and inexperienced car insurance agents are prone to receiving little to no commission because one, they don’t have the clientele yet who can provide them a regular source of earnings.  On the other hand, veteran agents have repeat clients. They also get referrals from these old customers.

So, how much does car insurance agent make? There’s no exact answer to this question as the agent’s earnings may differ according to his or her years in the business, employment status and area of operation.